What does the GOP envisage in 2030?

With the GOP continuing its 30 year blitz to create small government perpetrated by starve-the-beast funding tactics, one really needs to ask what is the GOP’s endgame scenario? What is the American Dream of 2030 for the GOP?

Is it a society which has the richest billionaires, taxed the least, alongside aging population with third class health care. Or even better since that is the free market ideal for the poor, no health care. The GOP solution are the real death panels, as has been demonstrated this year in Arizona.

Do they envisage a younger population which can not get into a good school because their parents can’t pay enough to supplement the vouchers. But even when you get into an American school it is no longer ranked in the lower 20’s rank world wide (as they were this year) but lower than the median? Maybe the best families can afford to send their children to school in Shanghai. Once graduating university, our senior class of 2030 can look to being employed as temps, and continue to live with their temp employed parents.

Let’s make America great again!

In business there is a saying, which I have felt the reality of many times in my career: You can’t cut your way to greatness.

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