Egypt: The lesson in nonviolence for 2011

I am in tears of wonder at the courage and continuing nonviolence of the protesters in Egypt. Many on the news have held up Martin Luther King Jr. in the Western interviews. Many stated over and over again today they are will to die. One said in Tahrir Square tonight ” Give me Liberty or Give me Death.” The people in the USA understand this at a fundamental level I believe. I have studied nonviolence and have tried to practice it all my life. But here tonight on the streets and in Tahrir Square there is an object lesson there for my children and my grandchildren.

Day after day I fear for the repression of the regime of Mubarak, it may come or he may be forced out nonviolently. I hope and pray for the latter outcome.

Thank you to the nonviolent revolutionaries of Egypt for this wonderful object lesson in nonviolence. History will remember you.

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