The tremor

I felt the earth shake. I thought that it was an earthquake, There was a tendency, I don’t quite know how to say it, for the ground directly in front of my to move upward. I’ve been in earthquakes before and know what they feel like. But those had been inside, in my bed in California, or just a tremor, like a heavy truck passing just outside the door of my bedroom. This was outside in the woods where I was walking.

The earth didn’t stop moving.

I tried to continue along on my path, and the earth seemed to rise up again just in front of my feet as I tried vainly to make a step.

It heaved up and threw me on my ass.

I sat dazed and thought, “Wow that is some earthquake. It threw me on my ass.”

But then the ground in front of me pushed up into a hill. My feet were lifted up and I fell back, rolled off a surging hill that appeared in the ground before me.

I recovered and looked at a new hill. That had just appeared, wonderstruck, watching a new birthing, afraid and awed at the appearance of power that I did not control and was helpless before.

The dirt rolled down the sides of the growing hill. It pitched up in fits and starts; again and again. I remember futilely thinking what level of earthquake is this, not realizing as I thought this thought that in fact THIS seemed to be incredibly local. A hill was birthing up before my feet. I did not see how local it was until the hill grew and sloughed off all of the dirt, earth rock, shrubs and small trees that were on it. And out of it arose something I have never seen, and I reckon has not ever been seen on this earth before.

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