V.I. Lenin’s ghost at the Federal Reserve

Mike Konczal at Rortybomb has a new post out: Richard Fischer Chernyshevsky ; Kocherlakota, the Scrivener, on the ways in which the tactics of inflation targeting from Richard Fisher imitate one of Lenin’s advisors:

Richard Fisher is a voting member on Federal Reserve monetary policy, and thus one of the crucial figures in determining how and when we come out of this recession. . . . → Read More: V.I. Lenin’s ghost at the Federal Reserve

Immelt: Row Harder!

This reminds me of an old joke:



After losing to IBM in a rowing race the top management of Digital Equipment convened a special meeting to find out what went wrong. They interviewed the rower for the event and he said: “They had eight guys rowing and one guy calling out “Stroke… Stroke…” We had only me rowing and 8 managers . . . → Read More: Immelt: Row Harder!

Whoops – Old radium bottles blamed for Tokyo radiation – Telegraph

I had posted that the radiation was moving farther afield earlier, bu now it look like the Telegraph is reporting that the Tokyo radiation spikes were caused by old radium bottles. Wow. But I guess from a public health point of view it is good that they were found.

Huffpost exposes the Banker/University nexus

Universites have become merely conduits for recruitment of suckers for a financial rent taking. Huff Post exposes in an article how Goldman Sachs has done this to EDMC. . . . → Read More: Huffpost exposes the Banker/University nexus

Complexity brake on understanding the brain

Paul Allen has written in Technology Review on his view contra Kurzweil: The Singularity Isn’t Near . He mentions the “complexity brake” on scientific progress. . . . → Read More: Complexity brake on understanding the brain

Radiation in Tokyo

The AFP reports that radiation of nearly evacuation levels has been found just north of Tokyo in a neighborhood belonging to the capital city.

Japanese media said researchers found radiation levels of 3.35 microsieverts per hour along a street in the west of the capital — 220 . . . → Read More: Radiation in Tokyo

The “very scary” Iranian Terror plot

Glenn Greenwald is great on irony in this article on The “very scary” Iranian Terror plot. All in all it does look like the administration is manufacturing reasons to get tough with Iran, producing a faked-up and improbable smoking gun to justify McCain’s refrain “Bomb, Bomb, Bomb Iran.”

Universities, Democracy and Bankers

Someone posted to a Facebook friend a lament on the decline of Universities in the US. To which I responded. I edit the response here.

Actually you have to look through your simple conception of the University, it’s place in education, and the needs of the elites as they have grown to power in the US. Universities were once part and parcel of . . . → Read More: Universities, Democracy and Bankers

Economic with the truth / Late reports of plutonium 40 km from Fukushima

The Japan online had a nice way of putting it in their Report of long-range plutonium find tardy. The speed of updating the Japanese public on the potential health hazards has struck me previously in my blog. I found this amazing in this latest post:

“Plutonium . . . → Read More: Economic with the truth / Late reports of plutonium 40 km from Fukushima