Towards an new American Manifesto

I have been mulling over writing a new manifesto for today, something that will capture my thoughts as a political platform. This piece by Thorten Parker called What do you want for America opens with a good statement of the background of the case for a new American manifesto thusly:

People who understand how this country’s financial system works know the American dream doesn’t have to die.  They know why the federal budget is not like a family’s budget or the budgets of companies and states.  They know why the government can’t run out of money, default, or go bankrupt; and why Europe’s financial troubles won’t come here.  They know the government can afford to do more to help educate young people, improve everyone’s health, provide income assistance as people age, foster a sound economy with good jobs, modernize the infrastructure, and protect the environment.  And they also know that popular myths and deliberate misrepresentations of the system are hurting America.

The real question is: Is there a will among the people to create a different future? The task of a manifesto is of course to attempt to coalesce that will.

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