Poisoning the discourse

The poisoning of the political discourse continues apace in America. Arguments are shouted down, Red-baiting is back. This from the Guardian:

Cheryl and her co-workers learned that the Honeywell division they had been working for had been sold to Sensata Technologies. They researched Sensata. she said:

“We found out this summer that it was owned by Bain [Capital]. Then we found the connection . . . → Read More: Poisoning the discourse

History and Arrogance

If one arrogates something to oneself one takes it as a right, and claims it over and above the claims of others. Arrogance is a claim for precedence. Putting oneself ahead of others, or as its defenders might say ahead of the pack. It is interesting etymologically that rogation comes from the act of stretching one’s hand out, or, in today’s parlance, panhandling. The beggar is asking for something the arrogant one is taking it for themselves. It is my worry that the world I am bequeathing to my children is a world in which they will need to confront and resist a new rise of this type of thinking. . . . → Read More: History and Arrogance