Fukushima Unit 4 Problems

Fukushima is out of the news mostly but the problem has NOT gone away. The spent fuel in Unit 4 continues to be housed in a perilous state. The building seems to be sinking, due to seismic damage, about 80 cm – 2.5 feet – so far. The situation is not stable and should be condiered to be deteriorating. The damage of another . . . → Read More: Fukushima Unit 4 Problems

Eric Hobsbawn – RIP

Eric Hobsbawm passed away. I remember reading some of his work in University. Timothy Snyder wrote a eulogy at CNN which had a clear regard for the power of the narrative of communism for the subject of history. He puts an interesting spin on it by comparing it to a contemporary capitalist narrative:

Private property must stay, not be abolished. The state must . . . → Read More: Eric Hobsbawn – RIP