Fiat Money and debt

In answer to a post on Nakedcapitalism by Philip Pilkington on Kill the King – Why are we so afraid of fiat money, I replied:

I get a kick out of listening to Gold Bugs. They rail on and on about fiat money and fail to see the fact that ALL gold and/or silver based sovereign governments in history have also fallen. Non-fiat . . . → Read More: Fiat Money and debt

Gentle realizations: Meditation on the body

The mind is not separate from the body, the body is not lesser and the mind or spirit greater. They cohabit this nexus which we identify as ourselves. What Buddha would also point out is that identification of a self is in itself a mistake. There is no self there. There are only the co-dependent arising, abiding and disspating of bodies, minds people and things. . . . → Read More: Gentle realizations: Meditation on the body