Great Secret of Mind

As usual I have been reading extensively on consciousness – with a particular interest in spiritual development. I was reading Tulku Pema Rigstal’s The Great Secret of Mind, and was severely disappointed in his holding onto outmoded patterns of thought, for a youthful teacher teaching non-duality in the 21st century several of his images were dated and culturally biased. Granting that his translator, . . . → Read More: Great Secret of Mind

How Governance became Unethical

Today I received a talk on “How Governance Became Unethical” (the link will download the slides for you) by my friend Prabhu Guptara. This is excepted from my email conversation with him.

I read the slides and I have to admit that I have lots of problems with them. He seems to posit the problem as a generalized, cultural-moral evolution without a driving . . . → Read More: How Governance became Unethical