Nuclear Decommissioning True Costs

That bastion of eco-terrorism the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists has updated it’s thinking on the true costs of nuclear decommissioning:

The Yankee Nuclear Power Station in Rowe, Massachusetts, took 15 years to decommission—or five times longer than was needed to build it. And decommissioning the plant—constructed early in the 1960s for $39 million—cost $608 million. The plant’s spent fuel rods are still stored . . . → Read More: Nuclear Decommissioning True Costs

Dealing with Near Term Extinction

This has been a difficult post to write. I write mainly for my friends and my children, so I don’t have many pretensions. I try to make things clear, and get to the root of things. In that sense I am radical. My children cut me some slack, so if you, reader, are neither my friend or my child, please read this and . . . → Read More: Dealing with Near Term Extinction

Ken Wilber’s Subtle Energies and Spiritual Information Theory

In recent writings on Ken Wilber’s site Ken deals with some issues that have been vexing my mind for several years. When we start to talk about the higher level of spiritual realization, attainment, states and structures known in Ken’s writings as the subtle and the causal, practitioners such as advanced yoga teachers, mystics and philosophers like Ken speak of subtle and/or causal matter and energy. This has been for years a source of profound semantic confusion and source of scientific disdain for spiritual matters. I believe information science has some equally important concepts to add to our understanding of spirit. . . . → Read More: Ken Wilber’s Subtle Energies and Spiritual Information Theory