Bailouts, Finance, Greed, Mammon, God and Gaia

I am reading Killing the Host by Michael Hudson, and was sitting with a feeling of sadness at the bailout of the banksters and Goldman Sachs.

I was saddened that the American government and the American people suffer consequences of corruption of the government by the financial elites. The government of the USA is now an oligarchy.

I then thought of the culpability of individual people such as Hank Paulson, Timothy Geithner, Larry Summers. I felt the rise of anger towards them. Righteous anger to be sure.

And then I thought that, like wetiko, they are possessed by a transpersonal idea and working in a system which is the outcome of that consciousness field. Their actions within their field of reference make perfect sense. The sacrifices of 99% of the people for the profits of the financial elites does not enter into their mind. They are, within their own framework, doing the right thing. The financial system operates with a world view and a set of guiding principles which are consistent, comforting, logical and fully justified.

I have called these principles elsewhere the laws of Mammon.

1. Acquire money
2. Defend your money
3. Grow your money

Remembering that Jesus said that man cannot serve God and Mammon. And Paul said that we are fighting a spiritual battle against the Powers and Principalities of the Air, I came to realize that Mammon is a spiritual entity. What Paul Levy (who wrote Dispelling Wetiko) calls a nonlocal field.

A spiritual entity does not need to be personified, as evil is personified in the Devil. I mostly work with a perspective of panentheism. That God is within everything and everything is within God. The fundamental aspect of the One is Consciousness. I come to the realization that the spiritual consciousness and power of Mammon is an organized, archetypal energy and force. It is the impetus to ever more, of infinite growth physically, morally we see it as a force of greed. As such it is natural, a part of life itself. One aspect of the unfolding of the negative entropy, dissipative structure of Gaia, our planetary unfolding within the outpouring of energy from the Sun. An aspect that is definable in mathematics as exponential growth.

At this point sadness and anger become a sort of joyous heartbreak that I live in this time, I can see and understand these things and relate them to our unfolding within God on Gaia.

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