Bailouts, Finance, Greed, Mammon, God and Gaia

I am reading Killing the Host by Michael Hudson, and was sitting with a feeling of sadness at the bailout of the banksters and Goldman Sachs.

I was saddened that the American government and the American people suffer consequences of corruption of the government by the financial elites. The government of the USA is now an oligarchy.

I then thought of the culpability . . . → Read More: Bailouts, Finance, Greed, Mammon, God and Gaia

Writing my grief

— I —


I know that you love me I see it in your eyes. One more day of not-death. Mind aware, alert, awake, Slipping slowly away. Death as it unfolds.

I don’t really want to remember. When we first met, first kissed. How I feared you would leave me; My heart was filled with gratitude When you did not. I don’t . . . → Read More: Writing my grief