Writing my grief

— I —


I know that you love me I see it in your eyes. One more day of not-death. Mind aware, alert, awake, Slipping slowly away. Death as it unfolds.

I don’t really want to remember. When we first met, first kissed. How I feared you would leave me; My heart was filled with gratitude When you did not. I don’t . . . → Read More: Writing my grief

Steven Jenkinson – Die Wise

I was able to attend Steven Jenkinson’s talk on the occasion of his first book tour in New York City for Die Wise – A Manifesto for Sanity and Soul. He was accompanied most ably on Washburn guitar by Gregory Hoskin who provided a subdued musical counterpoint to Steven’s speech throughout the hour and a half talk. He told a few stories from the book about people who somehow miss the fact that they were, or are dying. He noted throughout that our culture is death phobic. We flee it. We refrain from talking about it, in what he terms “death voodoo” as if our mentioning dying may cause the thing mentioned to come to pass sooner. With these stories he pointed last night obliquely away from the death phobic culture, and yet in his discourse the outlines of the death embracing alternative culture remained elusive for me. I believe that this is the positive side, that he probably reaches somewhat further in the book than I have read so far, and in his Orphan Wisdom School. . . . → Read More: Steven Jenkinson – Die Wise

Evolutionary spiritual fantasies

John Michael Greer in his estimable Archdruid Report in one of his articles talked about dealing with various aspects of climate denialism a wishful thinking fantasy which twigged a recognition in me.

The North Carolina legislators who are trying to pretend that sea level rise won’t happen, like their equivalents in Texas and Virginia, remind me of nothing so much as six-year-olds who . . . → Read More: Evolutionary spiritual fantasies

Gentle Realizations: Shame and Sabotage

I wrestle with my “Shadow” in my meditations in a sort of self-clearing psychological exercise. These ideas come from that deep self-reflection.

In my youth I often felt as though I was shamed by my mother. I remember her telling me often that I was “too smart for my britches.” Her in ability to deal with an inquisitive ADD intelligent boy was often . . . → Read More: Gentle Realizations: Shame and Sabotage

Ken Wilber’s Subtle Energies and Spiritual Information Theory

In recent writings on Ken Wilber’s site Ken deals with some issues that have been vexing my mind for several years. When we start to talk about the higher level of spiritual realization, attainment, states and structures known in Ken’s writings as the subtle and the causal, practitioners such as advanced yoga teachers, mystics and philosophers like Ken speak of subtle and/or causal matter and energy. This has been for years a source of profound semantic confusion and source of scientific disdain for spiritual matters. I believe information science has some equally important concepts to add to our understanding of spirit. . . . → Read More: Ken Wilber’s Subtle Energies and Spiritual Information Theory

Shark or Mackerel

What would you rather be the shark or the mackerel? But, what if we are swimming in the wrong ocean?


Once extinguished

The light of the candle is

Forgotten by the walls of my room.

My cup overturned; empty on my desk

Journal open to the last page.

A moon rises through the trees;

I am gone.

Power to prevent people from having grievances

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Steven Lukes:

Is it not the supreme exercise of power to get another or others to have the desires you want them to have – that is, . . . → Read More: Power to prevent people from having grievances

If we understood monkeys….

When talking about the amazing restless of the mind Buddhists often call it the monkey mind. I found this gem from Ajahn Chah on using the mind to understand the mind:

Let me give you an example. Suppose you have a pet monkey at home. It doesn’t sit still. It likes to jump around and grab hold of things. That’s how monkeys are. . . . → Read More: If we understood monkeys….

Cyprus: reasons to disbelieve what elites say about what they are doing

I responded to a comment on nakedcapitalism by Maju on a very good article on the EU’s outrageous bail-in of Cypriot bank account holders by confiscation of a part of all deposits. The commenter Maju wrote

I agree with some of the commenters above in the sense that Germany/Eurogroup seem to have wanted to cause a bank run. Otherwise they are total idiots . . . → Read More: Cyprus: reasons to disbelieve what elites say about what they are doing