The cost of nuclear – incalculable

The Guardian has an good opinion piece which cites the surprising support from environmentalists like George Monbiot and Stewart Brand for nuclear power even after Fukushima.They contend that nuclear is better than coal, and that makes it imperative to the future. But the Guardian points out, nuclear will not go anywhere without large government support because of the uncertainties . . . → Read More: The cost of nuclear – incalculable

High Frequency Trading hacking

I read an article in Infoworld by Bill Snyder Hackers find new way to cheat on Wall Street — to everyone’s peril which reports on some work done at MIT. The gist of the hack is that by packet insertion in your competitor’s transaction stream you can slow down their trades by a few microseconds. In the HFT world this may mean that . . . → Read More: High Frequency Trading hacking

Neuroscience for war

According to Wired’s ‘Danger Room’ the Air force is asking for research proposals to degrade the enemies minds… . . . → Read More: Neuroscience for war

How to print a car

Treehugger reports that Urbee has developed a prototype car whose exterior was completely 3D printed using Stratasys’ 3D printing technology. The goals of the car were admirably ecological:

1. Use the least amount of energy possible for every kilometre traveled. 2. Cause as little pollution as possible during manufacturing, operation and recycling of the car. 3. Use materials available as close as possible . . . → Read More: How to print a car

I thought we’re number 1! Nope, how about 20-something?

The US actually ranks today, sixth in global innovation-based competitiveness; 11th among industrialized nations in the fraction of 25- to 34-year-olds who have graduated from high school; 16th in college completion rate; 22nd in broadband Internet access; 24th in life expectancy at birth; 27th among developed nations in the proportion of college students receiving degrees in science or engineering; 48th in quality of K-12 math and science education; and 29th in the number of mobile phones per 100 people. These are clear areas where we should positively WANT our government to get involved, and to spend money, but if the current climate of political divisiveness endures for the next 2 years in a hung Congress, or even for the next 6 years of a potential Obama second term, the consequences for America’s future will be dire. . . . → Read More: I thought we’re number 1! Nope, how about 20-something?

To fearlessly embrace what is inevitable

Ray Ozzie of Microsoft issues a not quite clarion call to embrace what is technologically inevitable. If we can’t stop the train then we better run to get on it. . . . → Read More: To fearlessly embrace what is inevitable

New solar investment in California

The Blythe solar power facility, will be the first parabolic trough solar facility approved on U.S. public land. It will consist of four 250 MW plants that together will deliver 1,000 MW of nominal generating capacity, or enough electricity to annually power more than 300,000 single-family homes. . . . → Read More: New solar investment in California