Will Obama find those shoes?

Michael Monk over at Firedoglake found a very great video snippet. I am shamelessly copying the link from the video from his blog post here so you can look at the video in embedded style…

Obama says:

And understand this: If American workers are being denied their right to organize and collectively bargain when I’m in the White House, I will put . . . → Read More: Will Obama find those shoes?

More Firing at the Teachers

The NY Times today had a longish article by Matt Bai on Governor Christie of New Jersey which contrasted his communications strategy with that of the NJ Teachers union. It was somewhat unfavorable for the Union. Christie the stand-up comedian against the whining, ad hominem and off topic meandering of the heads of the teachers. I, for one, would wish that the teachers . . . → Read More: More Firing at the Teachers

Providence fires all its teachers

Apparently there is a widespread anti-union movement among local governments. The Providence Journal reports that in that city in Rhode Island ALL of the teachers are being terminated… not laid off. This seems to be a blatant ploy by the School Board to break the union, and to restructure radically the teaching profession in that state.

PROVIDENCE — After two hours of contentious . . . → Read More: Providence fires all its teachers

Your desire for a future job? Pretty farfetched…

The NYT had an article on people who actually got a job this year. The bottom line: you need to lower your standards. The path to getting a new job is hard and jobs are not what you wanted. The closing quote:

[Adam Kowal whose] hourly wage has fallen from $15 an hour at the warehouse to $10.50 an hour washing dishes and . . . → Read More: Your desire for a future job? Pretty farfetched…


I’m starting a new tag and a new category of posts with this. I am going to start following unemployment for now. There is so much pain out there, 10 days from Christmas 2010, that I just think that we need to reflect on what our country is doing to itself through its elected officials.

I will start with a primer on unemployment . . . → Read More: Unemployment