Revolution University

Foreign Policy has a beautiful article called “Revolution U” on the Center for Applied NonViolent Action and Strategies (CANVAS). The group grew out of The Serbian resistance – Otpor, which means Resistance. The tactics they teach and have taught in over 50 countries) are a distillation of clear nonviolent revolution of the sort which was successful in Tunisia and Egypt.

I have long . . . → Read More: Revolution University

Egypt: The lesson in nonviolence for 2011

I am in tears of wonder at the courage and continuing nonviolence of the protesters in Egypt. Many on the news have held up Martin Luther King Jr. in the Western interviews. Many stated over and over again today they are will to die. One said in Tahrir Square tonight ” Give me Liberty or Give me Death.” The people in the USA . . . → Read More: Egypt: The lesson in nonviolence for 2011

Afghanistan: Connecting the government to the people

the US Army is now deploying the Abrams M1 tank for the first time in the Afghan war. “The tanks bring awe, shock and firepower,” an officer says. And recalling Vietnam’s ironic dismissal of the misuse of too much firepower “We had to destroy the village in order to save it,” another officer argues that blowing up Afghan homes and fields “connects the government to the people.” . . . → Read More: Afghanistan: Connecting the government to the people

First slips down the slope…

Trade and currency wars will exacerbate all tensions in the world leading to greater global conflict – perhaps even a real war. I expect this (perhaps only a vain hope) to be at a low level, but we may see a belligerent move from some countries who feel pressured in this new international game of chicken. . . . → Read More: First slips down the slope…

Neuroscience for war

According to Wired’s ‘Danger Room’ the Air force is asking for research proposals to degrade the enemies minds… . . . → Read More: Neuroscience for war

War as the solution to our woes

In which David S. Broder suggests it is both politically expedient and economically prudent to foster a war with Iran. I sincerely hope that the war parachute will not need to be used to halt this current free fall. . . . → Read More: War as the solution to our woes