Wake up to the sound of elite music

A commenter over at nakedcapitalism got me worked up today. Cinderella said:

They say that it is for our own benefit, that we keep shoveling money to periphery countries, but how can it be so? They have to cut their social spending as a reciprocation, but how does this help our economy or people who live in periphery countries? Dunno.

I responded:

Think it through and wisdom will come. Elites in the north have paid bribes to elites in the south to export arms and industrial equipment. Banks in the north and south are on both ends of the trades. Banks in the north have positions in/on banks in the south, if banks in the south go belly up the banks and elites in the north will suffer.

You ask what about what “They say.” Who is this ‘they?’ The propaganda is the music that the elites are playing to the people. Listen to it. It seems to have a martial tune, in a minor key. The music has the tone of morality, blame and suffering that is for the ‘greater good.’

You ask “How can it be so? How is this to our benefit?” When in fact you recognize already, but may not want to see it. You need to ask who “we” are? Can you fail to see who benefits? Follow the money, and you will see clearly. It is laid out in the article and the comments here. Look, see, and attain knowledge of who the benefits are for.

“How does this help us?” you plaintively ask. When you can see through it all already: It does not will not and was not intended to help you, to help the ‘people,’ … ever. But you cannot quite believe it yet. Surely ‘our betters’ have our ‘best interests’ at heart! you may still think in some trusting corner of your mind.

Cinderella, the clock is striking Twelve! Wake up from your slumber. The time is coming and has come when we will be forced to place our bodies on the gears of the machine to make it stop.


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